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Enriching life with the power of tools

Thanks to various ties, on May 1st, Otsu City Mayor Town (Hishiyacho Shopping Street) “Cut and Sanseido” was opened. Our company is currently engaged in business such as construction materials sales, tools and machinery sales, rental of temporary scaffolding in Higashiomi city.
The history of our company began in Shiga Prefecture with a knives, knife, and farmer tool from Banshu, Hyogo Prefecture.
I always wanted to convey the goodness of traditional Japanese knives to many people. I wanted to provide high quality tools and enrich my life. We decided to conduct a business that also serves as a city development in the town shopping district. Our company is a tool shop. Enriching the lifestyle with tools and enriching the region is our mission, and we will continue to excite Otsu's Hishiyacho shopping street.
We aim to become a casual knives specialty store by offering selected knives from all over the country at reasonable prices.
Our store also operates an online shop, which is open at Yahoo Shopping and BASE.

Business days are “Thursday-Saturday” and the second and fourth Sundays.

Details are as per the calendar below.

Thank you for your patience.



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